Questions you should ask and not ask at the date

You can then explore the scene. You can then share your thoughts about the scene, what you love, and where you feel there could be improvements.
Keep the conversation going. Do not ramble about sex parties. You need to give her time to process and to decide if you want to continue talking about it. You can always take a step back if she is uncomfortable. You can make a joke of it and say, “I know, that’s definitely out there.” If you don’t wish to, we don’t need to discuss it.”

Nevertheless, you should not apologize. There is nothing to be sorry for. You did nothing wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. It could be her hangups and not your approach.

If she is interested in continuing the conversation, which she likely will, then she may give you opportunities to ask questions about sex parties. She’ll likely ask you how you found it.

You can then talk about your ex’s involvement, or how you found out about it online. You might have wanted to learn more about BDSM, and thought that sex parties would be a fun and safe way to get your feet wet. No matter what your reason for wanting to explore BDSM, you should be open and honest. Take breaks when speaking and let the conversation flow. It is likely that you will have a longer conversation in which you discuss your personal fetishes and kink.

This way of talking about sex is more comfortable than sounding creepy. It makes you appear more vulnerable and confident. You are exposing aspects of yourself that many people wouldn’t like. This is a big risk that you take with someone you don’t really know. It also shows that you are comfortable discussing sex. This is something that not many men can do. It also requires confidence which, as we all know, is appealing to women.

Talking about sex can help you build a stronger connection with your date if done right. Who knows, you might just find out that she is into sex as well. You might find out that she is just as into kinky shit as you are.

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