One quarter of Japanese below 40 years old are virgins

Every few years, the Japanese conduct a fertilizer survey. This has been going on since 1992. The survey results show that both men and women are becoming more virgins.

The 18-39 age bracket has 24.6% of virgins, compared to 21.7% of 1992 and 25.8% for men (compared with 20% in 1992).

The percentage of 35-39 year olds increased from 4% in 1992, to 8.9% in 2015. For men, it rose from 5.5% in 1992, to 9.5% in 2015. It has almost doubled over the past two decades.

Men’s reasons for doing the study seem to have been primarily economic. They cited unemployment, part-time or temporary jobs, and low incomes.

The results of the study can be viewed here:

Let us also remember that Japanese couples don’t confess their love like in Western societies. They don’t walk together on the streets and they rarely show their affections in public. This is why an organization exists that holds annual events in which men can come on stage to declare their love for their partner loudly in front of an audience.

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