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Another post about OnlyFans. But, let’s not forget: Let’s talk about how you can start your own OnlyFans (and gain some followers) with very little effort. In true Lazy Girl fashion.

Let me tell you, if this is your first time here, being a Lazy Girl doesn’t mean being lazy. It’s about finding the fastest, easiest, and cheapest route from A to B, while still being a boss-babe and doing an amazing job. To get to where you want to go, it’s all about working with the flow and not against it.

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Let’s now talk about the Lazy Girl vibe on OnlyFans.

The OnlyFans Breakdown…

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 and has grown to be a major social media platform. Although OnlyFans is often associated with NSFW content only, OnlyFans can be used to create and showcase all kinds of content.

It is what it is:

OnlyFans allows you to set up a subscription-based program for your “fans”. They pay a fixed amount each month to have access to your content. They can also tip you in private messages and under posts.
It’s why it’s so popular

OnlyFans fills a large gap in the market. It is where content creators of all types and sizes want to be paid for their work. You can make money by landing a modeling job, being a major influencer, and many other things. But what about the rest? Even if you are working hard to create content, you may not have yet found your big break. OnlyFans can help you find a way to make an income from the content that you create.
How to get paid

You can make money with OnlyFans in a number of ways: subscriptions, pay-walled postings, tips and private messaging. You can offer services like sexting and camming as well as selling or buying used panties.

Here’s how to get paid.

OnlyFans takes 20% and you keep 80%. You get 80% and they get 20% for every fan subscription or tip. This is a much better pay-out than camming platforms such as Chaturbate and LiveJasmin, which often allow you to keep only 60-75% of your earnings.
To pay anything with OnlyFans, you must link your credit card. You also need to link your bank account in order to earn anything. This is the only way to avoid it. OnlyFans is not compatible with PayPal or any other cash apps. You must link a bank account to earn money. You must link a bank account to spend money.
Yes, OnlyFans will appear on your statements. OnlyFans often displays your payment as “Fernix International”, or another variation. OnlyFans charges credit cards for tipping other creators. Your credit card statement will show “OF London”, or “OnlyFans” as the name of the credit card.

You can read my OnlyFans FAQ article if you are interested in OnlyFans.
Sign up for OnlyFans

Although signing up for OnlyFans can be simple, you need to know some basics in order to get approved the first time.

Sign up for OnlyFans

Sign up with your email address, or connect it to your Twitter account.
After entering the information, you’ll receive an email to confirm your identity (to the email address that you provided or to the one linked to your Twitter account).
Click the link in the email to verify your identity. OnlyFans will redirect you to your profile (not yet created) on OnlyFans.

You will be required to prove your identity from this point. You will need a government-issued identification (a passport, or ID card) to verify your identity. To prove you are who you claim to be and that you own the ID, scan your ID card (front).
After you have completed this step, you can submit your work to OnlyFans for approval. The approval process can take up 72 hours, but it usually takes 24 hours. The public is not allowed to see this information, including your legal name, age, ID information, and a photo of you and the ID.
You will be asked to submit your application again if you are not approved within the time limit.

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