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Talking about sex is something you can and should do with any woman you meet. Talking about it could help you both discover some things that aren’t obvious to you.
You must be cautious with your approach. You’ll look like a creepy, aggressive, horndog. This is the category that most men who have sex with women fall under.

Here’s how to discuss sex and kinks on a first date.

Let sex happen naturally in conversations. I would not respond to her when she said that her cat had died. Perhaps if I tied your neck and spanked you, it would make you feel better?

It is not.

It is possible to believe that there are no natural opportunities for sex during a first date. But, my friend, you are absolutely wrong. There are many acceptable times to have sex on a first date.
Let’s take, for example, that you are discussing hobbies. This is a great opportunity to tell your date that you have been to sex parties and/or explored BDSM.

You could also bring up the topic of ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. On a first date, people like to discuss what went wrong in previous relationships. This would be a great time to discuss sex. It would be a great opportunity to discuss your feelings about your ex.

It’s normal to discuss sex with your ex because it is an integral part of any romantic relationship.

It’s only strange if it’s made weird. This leads to the next component of discussing sex: how we talk about sex, and all topics that are sex-related. This is where most men make mistakes. It’s not appropriate to talk about your plans with your date or what you would like to do. This is too aggressive. It is inappropriate to talk about past experiences and sexual activities.

If you are into sex parties and want to continue the conversation, please let me know. What is your story? How often do your go? What do you love about them? What have you done with them? How is the scene?

However, I would not enter into a monologue. I would start by saying, “Actually I love going to sex parties.”

This is the same way you’d say it: “Actually I like putting pineapple onto my pizza.” It becomes one if you make it a big, controversial deal. It becomes something different and interesting if you talk about your kinks confidently.

You shouldn’t make sex topics more serious or strange. Sex isn’t. Sex is fun. It’s beautiful. It is something that we all love and have. It is what keeps humanity alive.

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